NUS High Field Ecology Trip in Tioman

Dr. Tan Heok Hui, the RMBR’s Research Officer and NUS lecturer went on a field trip with NUS High from the 8 August to 11 August 2008.

The trip was to aid NUS High run their field ecology course, a complusory course for year 5 students (equivalent to JC1). A total of 60 students were involved. They spent 4 days in Tioman. They had to cover the basic habitats – terrestrial (leaf litter community in disturbed and pristine forest), freshwater (upstream and downstream comparison), mangrove (Uca behaviour in two different plots) and intertidal (quadrat survey near shore and near water’s edge). All in all, it was a hectic day till night activities. Other activities included, intertidal walks, night walk in the forest and treasure hunt.

Photos by Tang Hock Chun.

Dr. Tan Heok Hui (Right in above photos) helped out in the freshwater and intertidal work. The students had to investigate using standardised methods to measure the diversity of fish and curstaceans in one upstream and one downstream plot in the freshwater stream. For the intertidal work, the stduents observed and recorded the diversity of organisms in two plots, one near shore and one further out near the water’s edge during low tide.

During the Uca survey in the mangroves, Dr. Tan Heok Hui managed to capture some shots of the crabs in action.

Photos by Tan Heok Hui.

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