Dr. Bertrand Richer de Forges

Dr. Bertrand Richer de Forges, Director of Research at the Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), Nouméa, New Caledonia, is currently in the RMBR as a Fellow on the NUS Overseas Attachment Programme (OAP).

One of the main objective of this programme is to facilitate the visit of researchers from overseas to NUS to collaborate on academic and research matters. He will be in Singapore until 13 September to work with the Director of RMBR, Peter Ng on the deep-sea spider crabs collected from the various deep-sea sampling expeditions to the Philippines that the museum had participated in.

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1 Response to Dr. Bertrand Richer de Forges

  1. ์Oh! now, I study on two first record of Thailand on genera Cyrtomaia and Platymaia, collected by BIOSHELF Project.

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