New Exhibits at the RMBR

Fauna of China (1 August 2008 )
China is a vast country which covers several climatic zones, and is endowed with many habitat types. She has more than 530 species of mammals, of which over 100 are endemic to the country; and over 1,300 species of birds. This exhibit showcases a tiny selection of preserved specimens from the Raffles Museum’s small collection of Chinese animals.
(Image of Red Panda from

Singapore’s Natural Heritage – Cyrene Reef (12 August 2008 )
Located west of Labrador Beach, between Pulau Bukom and Jurong Island, Cyrene Reef is situated in the middle of a busy shipping lane. The wonders of this reef are only reveal at low tides. Flaunting a long sand bar flanked by lush sea-grass meadows and lagoons of coral rubble, Cyrene Reef is rich in marine diversity despite its proximity to offshore refineries and other developments. This small exhibit showcases the beauty of Cyrene Reef and its inhabitants.

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