Asian Pangolin Conservation Workshop participants visit RMBR

The Asian Pangolin Conservation Workshop was held at the Singapore Zoo from 30 June to 2 July 2008. After the conclusion of the workshop, the participants paid a post-workshop visit to the RMBR and the ZRC, and examined some mammal specimens.

The group that was examining small carnivore skins.
From right to left – Mr. Falk Wicker, Dr. Leanne Clark, Dr. Scott Roberton, Mr Dan Challender and Mr. Nguyen Van Thai.

Dr. Scott Roberton is with the Wildlife Conservation Society, and is based at Hanoi, Vietnam. The other participants are with the Asian Pangolin Conservation Program, based at Cuc Phong National Park, Vietnam.

Dr. Aster Zhang (right) from Conservation International, Peking University, Beijing, China and Dr. Shu-Jin Luo from National Cancer Institute, Frederick, Maryland, USA. They were measuring the skulls of the Malayan Tiger.

Photos by Kelvin Lim.

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