AWWA kids are back!

Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) is back at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research with seven children in their ‘TEACH ME’ programme. A similar event was done with AWWA School last year.

Under the great guidance of Lainie, Janice, Pui Ling, Fiona, Ya Wen, Ruo Yu and Yan Mei, the seven kids and their family were given a guided tour around the gallery.

After the tour, they played a mini-game of ‘Match the animals to their habitat’ (left), which was followed by a break for refreshment whereby the guides interacted more with the kids and their family.

Last but not the least, armed with drawing paper and crayons, the kids chose their favourite animal(s) and got on it right away to draw them. They were also given copies of the animal drawings for colouring.

And just look at their artwork! Artists in the making!

At the end of the event just before the kids left, they were surprised with complimentary bookmarks and buttons from the Museum. The kids indeed had an enjoyable time at the Museum. We certainly be looking forward to such future events with AWWA again!

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