Internship at SAMPLA

Internship opportunities for Great White Shark research at Mossel Bay, South Africa, 2009

Intern positions at the South African Marine Predator Lab (SAMPLA) will be available throughout the year starting in February 2009.

Applications from all undergraduate and graduate students qualified, or studying, in the field of science will be readily considered. Participants will be required to join the program for a minimum of 1 month, but preferably for two months or more. For further information on the intern program and application forms please contact administrative manager Lezanne Brits ( Information on the research that SAMPLA scientists are conducting can be viewed on the SAMPLA website

Interns will actively participate in the institute’s white shark, and other marine predator research programs. Studies on the great white shark includes investigating their: population dynamics, horizontal and vertical movements through acoustic tracking, bite force dynamics, predator-prey interactions, genetic profiling, amongst others.

Interns will be hosted by scientists from SAMPLA and their collaborating partners. All conducted research is permitted by the South African governmental department, Marine and Coastal Management, and supported by local universities.

Yours faithfully,
SAMPLA Scientific Council

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