Freshwater Crab Symposium – RMBR, NUS (12-15 May 2008)

This meeting brings together a multi-national group of specialists working on true freshwater crabs of all parts of their global distribution and is the first time such a meeting has been organised. It is essentially a follow-up of informal collaborations that began in 2005 between several of the participants, which resulted in the recent publication of the first global assessment of freshwater crab diversity (1). The overall objective of the Freshwater Crab Symposium is to expand on this collaboration in order to produce a more comprehensive review of our knowledge of true freshwater crabs. This will be done through a series of informal talks and discussions that aim at presenting regional updates, sharing information and resources, and providing impetus for future collaborative work. Broad topics that will be covered include definitions, morphological taxonomy, origins and phylogeny, ecology, biogeography, and conservation of true freshwater crabs.

1 – Yeo, D. C. J., P. K. L. Ng, N. Cumberlidge, C. Magalhães, S. R. Daniels and M. R. Campos, 2008. Global diversity of crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) in freshwater. In: Balian, E. V., C. Lévêque, H. Segers, K. Martens (eds.), Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment. Hydrobiologia Vol 575: 275–286.

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