Science Teachers’ Association (Singapore) Day

19 April 2008 was Science Teachers’ Association (Singapore) Day. A series of presentations and workshops were conducted at Science Centre for the event, and RMBR was invited to conduct a workshop for the event. The theme of the event is “Our Environment, A Sustainable Future”.

The programme started off with introduction to a small, but excited and engaging crowd by Mrs Catherine Seah, Chairman, STAS. Dr. Lim Tit Meng (Above in picture), Asst Chief Executive, Science Centre, then continued with a welcome speech. Mr Howard Shaw, Executive Director of the Singapore Environment Council followed with a keynote address on ‘The Global Environmental Challenge & The Key Role of Educators’. After the tea reception, the workshops and presentation then started.

Armed with plenty of specimens, our Education Officer, Ms Wang Luan Keng, put together a workshop which introduces to the participants the wonderful biodiversity of Singapore. They were given notes and followed through several stations with experienced guides showing them the different fauna. At the end of the workshop, they were also challenged to a quiz station to test their understanding.

Overall, the event was a success. The participants enjoyed themselves and the workshop received very positive feedback. The workshop indeed served its purpose to educate and create awareness of biodiversity in Singapore.

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