Bishop Museum Special Publications

The Hawaii Biological Survey (HBS) is an ongoing natural history inventory of the Hawaiian archipelago. It was created to locate, identify, and evaluate all native and non-native fauna and flora within the state, and to maintain the reference collections of that biota for a wide range of uses. Soon after its founding in 1889, Bishop Museum established programs to study and document the plants and animals of Hawaii and that effort has become the largest single source of information on Hawaiian organisms. Virtually all definitive published treatments and manuals of Hawaiian organisms, beginning with Fauna Hawaiiensis in 1901, have been produced by the Museum or in close collaboration with the museum.

Hawaii Biological Survey (HBS) Bishop Museum is now attempting to make as many of their older scholarly publications as possible available as pdf files.

The classic reference work, the revised (1946) edition of “Reef and Shore Fauna of Hawaii” – by C.H. Edmondson – is now available as a searchable pdf file online, Special Publication No. 22. You can download it here.

Keep checking back to see if your favorite title makes it to pdf status.

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