Coming to you live: Lumi1 – The RMBR’s first expedition of 2008

The RMBR is currently participating in its first major expedition of 2008, in the Philippines. Drs. Tan Swee Hee, Tohru Naruse and Mr. J. C. Mendoza are currently aboard the MV DA-BFAR (background picture) off the coast of the Philippine island of Lumiwan. The upper left inset shows Dr. Naruse below-deck handling a specimen in the holding area for the animals that are brought up from the depths of the ocean. Dr. Naruse and Mr. Mendoza are clearly enjoying their new accommodations (bottom left inset). The photographs on the right show some of the equipment on the deck of the DA-BFAR. The Expedition is called “Lumiwan 2008 Survey of the deep benthic fauna of the South China Sea”. Taking advantage of the latest telecommunication technologies, these pictures were sent early this morning by Dr. Tan via MMS downloaded via Bluetooth and now comes to you live over the Internet.

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