Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tropical Marine Invertebrates (University of Florida)

The University of Florida is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to help coordinate and take part in a large-scale biodiversity survey and associated genetic barcoding effort focused on the marine invertebrates of Moorea (French Polynesia).

The ideal candidate would be an experienced marine invertebrate systematist, with good general knowledge of invertebrates, track record in systematics, field collecting skills including SCUBA sampling, and good people and organization skills. Molecular phylogenetic and photographic skills are a plus.

The position is available from August, for up to three years. It is based at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, with 3+ months per year in the field, at the Gump Research Station on Moorea. The project is part of the Moorea Biocode Project, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, with the objective to taxonomically document and genetically characterize “all” macroorganisms in an island ecosystem. Marine and terrestrial flora and fauna of Moorea will all be targeted through intensive sampling, identification work, vouchering, photodocumentation, genetic sampling, and DNA sequencing of component species. The postdoctoral fellow will help coordinate and lead the effort on marine invertebrates. S/he will be expected to oversee field sampling, including visits by numerous taxonomic specialists, coordinate students and technicians, help with morpho-sorting, specimen preparation, identification, and photography. S/he will also have time to pursue research on his/her taxonomic specialty.

If interested, please send a copy of your CV, a statement of research interest and experience, pdfs of two relevant publications, and names and contact details of 3 references, to Gustav Paulay ( by March 31. The University of Florida is an equal opportunity institution.

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