Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim’s visit to Semakau

Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim (Second from left), Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, and his family and friends were all packed for a fun exploration at Semakau on last Sunday, 9 March 2008. They were hosted by Education & Research Officer of RMBR, Ms. Wang Luan Keng (First from left) and lead guide, Mr. Ron Yeo (First from right).

And they joined many other members of the public on the one of the trips for the new season of Pulau Semakau.

Snapping shots of a fiddler crab.

Having a closer look at a common sea star.

The shores were definitely ready for Dr. Ibrahim’s visit! All sorts of creatures big and small seems to be appearing for him and his family, and of course everyone else. It was definitely a fruitful trip to showcase and educate people on what our shores have to offer!

For more information about Semakau Landfill and Intertidal Walks, visit here.

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