Life in Cold Blood

Sir David Attenborough brings viewers the final chapter of his epic overview of life on Earth as he transforms perceptions of cold-blooded animals in this landmark BBC One series Life In Cold Blood.

“Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes thought of as slow, dim-witted and primitive,” says David. “In fact they can be lethally fast, spectacularly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and extremely sophisticated.”

RMBR assisted in an episode (4th episode – Sophisticated Serpents) when Sir David Attenborough and a BBC team was in Singapore to film the Gerard’s Water Snake (Gerarda prevostiana).

The series is aired on BBC1 starting from 4 Feb 2008. Broadcast in Singapore is yet to be announced. The series is accompanied by a 2-disc DVD set (scheduled for release on 25 Feb 2008) and a 288-page book (ISBN 0-563-53922-4) published by BBC Books on 7 December 2007, in advance of the television series.

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