Visitors from Medical College of Nanchang University, China

RMBR receives (Clockwise from bottom left) Prof. Yan Tao, Dr. Zou Jiexin and Dr. Zhu Chunchao from Department of Parasitology, Medical College of Nanchang University, China.

Drs. Zou and Zhu are teaching parasitology in their institution, and are visiting the Zoological Reference Collection to conduct taxonomic work on the intermediate host of lung flakes, which are freshwater crabs, mainly from Wuyi Mountain Area, China. They will be staying from 16th Jan to 14th Feb 2008.

Prof Yan is the Head of Parasitology. She was here to find out about teaching, researching and management of Life Science Department of NUS, through a 1-week visit from 16th Jan to 24th Jan 2008.

They are seen here with Dr. Ng Ngan Kee from the Department of Biological Sciences.

Photo by Tohru Naruse.

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