Colour for Camouflage and Communication in Rocky Shores and Mangroves Crabs

Dr. Peter Alan Todd from Department of Biological Sciences, NUS, is giving a talk on Crabs’ camouflage and communication with the focus on colour.

DATE: Friday, 11 Jan 2008
TIME: 9 am
VENUE: DBS Conference Rm (Block S3 Level 5)
PRESENTED BY: Professor Sodhi Navjot

On an imaginary scale of animal conspicuousness, camouflage and communication represent opposite ends. At one end (camouflage) the animal does not want to be seen, at the other (communication) it does. The great majority of research on these topics has been conducted on terrestrial animals.
In this talk, however, I shall focus on how colour is used for camouflage in the European shore crab (Carcinus maenas) and communication in two local species of mangrove crab (Perisesarma eumolpe and Perisesarma indiarum).

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