Toddycats! at NUS Green Carnival

Toddycats! are manning a biodiversity awareness booth at NUS Central Forum, Mon-Wed 22-24 Oct 2007 in support of NUS Green Carnival by NUS SAVE and Campus Sustainability Committee. The Toddycats presence there is being manages by Hamsa Suppaya, a 3rd year life sciences student.

They have brought with them a variety of exhibits from the museum, posters and videos and most importantly, guides! We have a few new Life Science students joining other undergraduate and postgraduate students from Environmental Engineering, Geography as well as working graduates who have taken leave to help out.



Training was conducted last week by volunteer manager N. Sivasothi and the Gallery Guides project manager Gwynne Lim to provide additional stories about events and biology of a variety of species commonly found in our forests and shores. The target audience? NUS staff and students, but we had a bonus of students from neighbouring schools and junior colleges!

NUS Green Carnival Training Seminar

Read more at the Toddycats webpage at

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