Henry Barlow in the Zoological Reference Collection

On Saturday (8th September) morning, Datuk Henry Barlow, long-time patron of the Malayan Nature Society and moth-lover extraordinaire paid a short visit to the insect collections of the Raffles Museum. Henry Barlow in ZRCHosted by Peter Ng and Lua Hui Kheng, Henry examined various lots of moths and butterflies in the old cabinets, including material from Elliot and Pendlebury.

Henry, whom most people know better as a world-expert on moths, was treasurer for the MNS for many year, and in-between his business pursuits, substantially increased our knowledge of Malaysian and Southeast Asian moths.

Surprisingly, he has never visited the historical collections of the RMBR. We hope that after this time – his research visitations will be more frequent! One of our resident herpetologists, Leong Tzi Ming also came down to have a chat with Henry, and in the process, caught him on film!

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One Response to Henry Barlow in the Zoological Reference Collection

  1. YC Wee says:

    I remember camping in the grounds of Henry’s tea estate at the base of Genting Highlands with Prof Hsuan Kneg and a group of Botany Honours students, NUS, oh, a very long time ago. He brought us up Gunong Ulu Kali to see the moth trap he set up at the top of the mountain. That was before his Moths of South East Asia was published.

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